Realign Wellness

Blending gentle with firm to create the right balance for you and your body.

Tuesday - Saturday by appointment only
Working out of multiple locations and businesses around Adelaide
Pilates coming mid April

Awaken Health and Wellness Studio

Located in Allenby Gardens

Myomasters Massage

Located in Hope Valley

About Me

I always say that learning massage is one of the best decisions I've has ever made, and that shines through in my treatments.

Since studying Remedial Massage Therapy in 2017, where I learnt Swedish Relaxation, Trigger Point, and Deep Tissue Massage styles, I've gone on to also learn Manual Lymphatic Drainage, different Cupping techniques, and some Myotherapy and Somatic as well, always adding tools to my tool box for every client I treat.

Today's society can be full on sometime, making it difficult to look after ourselves sometimes. Add kids, partners and families into the mix, and it can feel like we never get time to ourselves! But that is where I comes in. In my treatments, I will not only work on your aches and discomforts to allow your body to feel its best, I will create space for you and allow you to have time for yourself, calming your mind as well. For the hour that you are with me, it is all about you, your wants and your needs. This valuable recharge and self-care time not only allows you to refill your cup, but also allows you to look after those around you.

Get in contact with me if you'd like your own slice of calm.

Owner and Remedial Therapist

Caitlin Hunter

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